Sales and Acquisition offers professional advice on all aspects of the sale and acquisition of residential properties in the most sought after residential areas London and nearby.

Sales services specialises mainly in Central, North and West London. We have also been involved with a number of significant sales outside of the capital. Whatever type of property you are selling, you will benefit from our knowledge of the market, and from our access to international homebuyers.

We are also representing a number of leading British developers and able to advise on the most attractive and promising investment opportunities and upcoming projects. has gained a reputation for dedicated personal attention, an individual approach and absolute professionalism.

We will ensure that all involved parties have acted quickly and efficiently, and that the sale was arranged in the shortest possible time.

If you would like to sell your residential property please contact our sales team for advice.

Acquisition services

Our objective here is to find the perfect property for our buying clients.  The work begins with an informal free consultation meeting with the buyer in our London office or in a detailed telephone conversation. We will find out your needs, budget, preference.

After receiving the buyer's application we will propose a selection of properties which will give an idea of ​​prices and availability. We only propose quality accommodation in the most prestigious and attractive areas of London and surrounding countryside.

After having found a suitable property and based on our market knowledge we will advise the buyer on what is the best price to offer to the seller. We will enter into negotiations with the agent or private seller and so far as is reasonable will try to reduce the final price.

We are also able to advise the purchaser on the future costs of running and maintaining the selected property prior to its purchase to ensure these costs are in line with our clients’ expectations.